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Through Healthy Futures 24/7, Wendy Gross-Pinto delivers exclusive yoga exercise routines twice per month available to members only.

Wendy has a unique gift for helping people achieve more than they thought they could. She will help you chisel the most radiant and lit up version of yourself, and help you create a life and body you love, that totally inspires you, and feels like the “inside matches the outside. Her refreshing spiritual yet practical guidance will bring crazy joy to your life, and literally sculpt your body into the best shape ever. A teacher of teachers, Wendy has been training students and teachers for almost 15 years.

One personal triumph that greatly influences her approach is her comeback from some very serious injuries, including a broken back. After practicing yoga and fitness for her entire life, she gets why a functional approach to fitness is key! The goal is to maximize the body (and mind’s) power, strength, agility, to create longevity and bliss!

Wendy’s clientele includes professional athletes, dancers, Olympic gold medalists, and celebrities. She has been a featured speaker at seminars with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bernie Segal, Bhagavan Das, Bijan, Bob Proctor, and Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith (as seen in The Secret), and many other spiritual and revolutionary thinkers of our time. She was also the head yoga therapist and lifestyle educator for Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Center for Mind- Body Medicine in San Diego, CA.

Wendy’s passion for fitness, fun, and absolute vitality has helped thousands of people around the world create lives and bodies that they love. Are you ready to create yours? Come and play with Wendy and see what magic you can create together.

Your Instructor: Wendy Gross-Pinto

Wendy is the founder of The Yoga And Healing Center, and is the creator of the innovative Soul Sweat Asana Yoga and The Life-Changing YHC Yoga Teacher Training Program. Wendy is extensively trained in the yoga styles of Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Ishta, Phoenix Rising and Nia, and holds advanced certifications in functional fitness training, health and life coaching. She infuses her lifetime love affair with yoga, fitness, and transformation to the life-changing programming at YHC. Her specialty is “training awesome yoga teachers,” plus health and life coaching.

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