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Frustrated with fad diets and overwhelmed by all the nutrition options available? Do you think that only celebrities and high profile individuals can afford a nutritionist to provide individualized results? Not anymore! Now you can have access to your very own certified and licensed nutritionist, Cassie Christie. When you become a Healthy Futures 24/7 member, Cassie steps in as your new best friend to simplify your dietary options and renew your relationship with food.

If you are a current patient at Healthy Futures, our nutritionist works with your medical provider, gathering the results of the advanced lab testing we provide to address food allergies and other dietary needs. If you are not a Healthy Futures Las Vegas patient and a Healthy Futures 24/7 online member only, we have a two-week dietary log you can submit and then schedule a one-on-one with Cassie to receive an individualized plan. In addition to individualized meal plans, you and your family will receive ongoing nutritional support as part of your membership.

Your Nutritionist: Cassie Christie

IBNFC Nutritionist, BSN, RN

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