No Other Wellness Services Membership Compares

Primary Care, On Call

At only $70 per month, Healthy Futures 24/7 Online Membership provides personalized care for you and your family – on demand.  

Your Healthy Futures 24/7 membership is THE ONLY wellness membership to include 24/7 access to a Primary Care Physician, Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, & Yoga Instructor – ALL IN ONE!

Exclusive Membership Benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to Primary Care Physicians via phone or video conference to diagnose the most common illnesses, provide prescriptions and follow up. See a doctor when it is convenient for you and your family. On average, it takes just 30 minutes to get a resolution. Save time and money receiving care conveniently without leaving your home or if you’re on the go. 

  • A variety of Yoga & Personal Training Videos for all fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) by fitness experts as well as 4 NEW VIDEOS posted every month! You’ll never be bored or run out of exercises to do. All of our workout videos are crafted for our busy members at 30 minutes or less to offer effective convenient workouts. 

  • A Certified Nutritionist to create individualized meal plans and touch base once per month. After all, weight loss is generally 75% percent diet and 25% percent exercise, so our Certified Nutritionist plays a big role in helping you modify lifestyle habits to maximize your wellness goals. Don’t worry. You can still eat your favorite foods. You’ll just learn moderation best practice and healthy alternatives to satisfy your cravings.