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Sleep! The Missing Link to Healthy Living

Could your poor sleeping patterns be killing you?

Did you know that sleep is part of our built-in natural healing system? Not only does it help us stay healthy, but it is the key to reaching our fitness and weight loss goals. So when we don’t get enough sleep our health and fitness is compromised.

Does this sound like your situation:

  • You are tired when you go to bed, but then toss and turn trying to get to sleep.
  • Who counts sheep? All you do is think about every unfinished task waiting for you at work.
  • The sound of the clock ticking off every second reminds you that you still are awake.
  • Everyone in the family is avoids you because you are such a boring grump.
  • You know exercise will help, but your body seems to hold on to every ounce of fat so motivation is low and you skip your workouts.
  • Worry about declining health and weight gain keep you on edge and anxious.
  • You know prescription drugs may help, but dread the weird side effects.
  • Does it seem as if your destiny is to live constantly in a stupor?
  • If you dread the thought of a lifetime dependency on sleeping pills you have to first link the causes of insomnia to your situation.

Contrary to what those television adverts are claiming, curing insomnia – without drugs – is completely possible (in fact, simple, as you will see later…

Imagine how your life will change once you slay the insomnia monster…

No more tossing and turning for hours worrying how you don’t get enough sleep.

You awaken feeling like a new person excited to take on the challenges of the day.

Efforts to lose weight are paying off. So-long to belly fat!

At work you have a positive, “Can-Do” attitude.

And your boss acknowledged your new productivity with a raise!

Your have a new spark for romance in and out of the bedroom.

People are learning that our high-tech, always connected lifestyle is taking a toll on our health when we can’t “turn-off” all the inputs. It’s as if our brain and body are always ready to respond even when it’s time to turn off the day to recover.

We’ve conditioned ourselves building up habits that keep us from shutting down for recovery and re-cooperation. The simple truth is that we’ve built up these habits, we can unlearn them and build new, positive behaviors allowing us to get a good night’s sleep.

>>> And do it without drugs…

Introducing “Sleep – The Missing Link to Healthy Living”

This guide shows you how to identify habits which lead to insomnia. Making simple changes can make the difference between staring at the ceiling all night long and going to sleep quickly.

Our sedentary lifestyle, diet, stress and even prescription medications lead to insomnia. If the idea of making simple changes in your daily habits instead of popping expensive sleeping pills appeals to you, then read on.

What you will discover …

  • Quick ways to identify foods that lead to insomnia
  • Just because you are older doesn’t mean you get along with less sleep
  • Evening rituals that make falling to sleep easier
  • Shocking connection between insomnia and mental disorders
  • Why eating these good carbs helps you fall to sleep
  • It’s time for a permanent change without weird and unsettling side-effects!

Imagine this scene:

You awaken refreshed and astounded you finally got a good night’s sleep simply by changing one daily habit. And more importantly, you are consistently going to sleep within minutes every night and staying asleep all night long. Your spouse and children laugh and smile more with you because you aren’t such a grumpy grump. Your co-workers enjoy your positive energy and the way your are able to solve problems instead of create them. They wonder where you get all your positive energy. Turn on your best “Good Morning” smile. Go ahead and share your secret …

Sleep – The Missing Link!

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