Running For Your Health: How to Eliminate the Top 25 Avoidable Running Injuries

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Runners: Discover How to Eliminate the Top 25 Avoidable Running Injuries …

So You Can Spend More Time Running Than Recuperating, and Finally Achieve That Personal Best You’ve Been Chasing

Dear Frustrated Runner: Does this scenario unfortunately sound way too familiar?

You have your running shoes broken in perfectly. You have been watching what you eat, employing just the right diet to support your running schedule.

Your training is going effortlessly, you are consistently improving your speed and endurance, and are closer than you have ever been to that personal best target you have been chasing for so long.

The biggest running event of your life is just around the corner. For once, all of your hard work and dedication seems to be paying off.

You can envision crushing your PB in the upcoming race, while looking like a seasoned veteran, feeling great about your hard work and performance and drawing much-deserved respect and admiration from the running community.

Then in the middle of your last training run before the big event, disaster strikes … you get injured.

You suffer an avoidable injury that single-handedly destroys all of your hard work. All those days of training, running when you didn’t feel like it, pushing through the pain, working hard to prepare yourself for the big race you have been dying to run, all of those days, weeks and months of effort amount to nothing.

Your injury is either going to keep you out of the race, or negatively impact your performance to such a level that you have to withdraw before finishing.

It happens all the time. The painful and frustrating situation just mentioned is much too common for millions of runners.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

Armed with the right knowledge (which we will present to you in just a few moments), you can effortlessly avoid and correctly treat the most common running injuries, so you spend more time running and less time on the sideline.

Imagine for a moment that your life is like this.

• Beginning today you run faster, and for longer periods of time, without the slightest injury.

• You start setting, achieving and crushing your PB targets on a regular basis.

• You start to enjoy running, rather than dreading the blisters, sprains and strains you have come to expect as an unavoidable part of your training.

• You never again have to worry about months of training, logging major miles, just to see an avoidable injury sideline you a couple of days before a big event.

• After running you feel healthy and happy, instead of sore, injury-riddled and frustrated.

• You are finally able to fly past that one runner who always seems to stay ahead of you.

• Your running efforts to lose weight are finally rewarded, and you look and feel better than ever despite your age, improving your mental and physical health at the same time.

Those can be your realities. You really can enjoy a life without running injuries. This allows you to spend more time running, and less time treating injuries. If you do sustain an injury, understanding how to treat it quickly and effectively means less recovery time, and more time out on the track.

How do you turn the wonderful scenarios above from mere
words on your computer screen to your wonderful reality?

The key is in understanding the 25 most commonly suffered running injuries, how to avoid them altogether, and how to treat them like the pros do, so you recover as quickly as possible.

That is exactly the information you put into your hands when you download the special report …

Beyond Blisters – Top 25 Painful (and Avoidable) Running Injuries

Your cutting-edge guide to avoiding running injuries is delivered through an instant digital download. That means you can put this pain-saving information to use immediately. In this fluff-free, information-filled 44 page running resource, you discover …

• Why you should never believe the “no pain, no gain” running myth (page 8)

• The 2 main factors which cause most running injuries (this revealing information can single-handedly limit your running injuries) (page 6)

• The perfect recipe for a hydrating drink you can make at home, that you should be enjoying every time you run (page 19)

• The embarrassing and painful bleeding injury runners never prepare for (page 13)

• What Haglund’s Deformity is, how to identify it, and why it may be keeping you from achieving your personal best (page 22)

• The top 25 running injuries you are most likely to encounter, and exactly how to avoid them (chapter 2)

• How a simple change in your running routine can cause painful Achilles Tendinitis (page 11)

• What causes muscle cramps and spasms, and how to prevent them (pages 31 and 32)

• 4 simple ways to prevent blisters (page 14)

• A handy resource of running injuries listed by body part (page 39)

• What “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan has to say about dog bites (really good information here for runners who encounter dogs along their route) (page 20)

• That most running injuries are preventable (page 5)

• How to prevent frostbite and frost nip when running in extreme cold (pages 17 and 18)

• The best self-care for muscle pulls and tears (page 33)

• The most common, and preventable, cause of heel pain for runners (page 34)

• 1 in 2 runners get sidelined each year with at least 1 injury, which in most cases could have been avoided (page 5)

• How to avoid heat stroke while running (page 27)

A life free of running injuries may be unbelievable to you right now. However, the truth is, millions of runners improve their speed and endurance, continually set and achieve impressive PBs, and enjoy a lifelong love affair with running because they know how to avoid the most common running injuries.

Now you can too.

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